Water/Sewer Department

BEFORE you dig, please remember to call for underground utility location.  The number is 811.  It is the law that you must call and request at least 2 full working days in advance so that underground utilities have a chance to mark out their respective lines.  If you do not request a stakeout, you will be subject to all costs and fines applicable, including injuries and death caused by your negligence.

DOUBLE CHECK BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICES: These devices are required on all new construction and when there is a change of property owner.  We highly recommend it on all meters. Final readings for property sold will include inspection for the double check valve.  We also recommend expansion tanks and pressure regulators.  All irrigation meters must have backflow prevention devices.

ELECTRONIC RECYCLING: Electronic Recycling can be taken to the Sewer Plant, 8500 Lower Lake Rd, on Fridays (regular garbage days) from 7am—3pm.

WATER AND SEWER SERVICE APPLICATIONS:  The links for the forms are found to the left.  Note that the applications must be signed by the homeowner.  If the homeowner cannot sign the application in front of the clerks at the Town Hall, their signature must be notarized.  By having your signature notarized, it also gives you the option of submitting your application through the mail with the appropriate fee. PLEASE NOTE ON THE APPLICATION where in your yard you want your water line run, and put a stake in your yard to mark it.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jesse Green Superintendent Water/Sewer/Grounds 716-795-9919
Jesse Green 716-471-0466