Description of Responsibilities

Jeffrey M. Dewart was appointed to the position of Town Supervisor of the Town of Somerset, effective January 7, 2020.

The Town Supervisor performs many roles pursuant to NY Town Law.  He serves as the presiding officer at meeetings of the Town Board and also votes on matters with the other members of the Town Board.  The Supervisor serves as Town Executive and Administrator and represents the Town of Somerset on the Niagara County Water District and the Niagara County Association of Supervisors. 

The Supervisor is the chief fiscal officer of the town, representing the town in all fiscal matters including overseeing the preparation of the budget.  The Supervisor may also perform any other additional administrative duties as determined and directed by the Town Board.  The Supervisor in Somerset is an elected two year term.

Supervisor Dewart is assisted by appointed Confidential Assistant to the Supervisor, Mindy Austin.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Mindy Austin 716-795-3575
Jeffrey Dewart 716-795-9268