Wind Energy Project Survey Comments




  • We are strongly opposed to the wind turbine project in the Town of Somerset.  We urge the town board to support the members of this community to help preserve our pristine farm land and protect it for generations to come.  We moved here to give our children the opportunity to grow up away from industrialization.  NO WIND TURBINES in SOMERSET!!


  • Survey is too vague—asks wrong questions.  APEX-why the hold harmless and gag orders in contracts if all the things they list are NOT a problem?  Where is the offer of a protection plan for property values, health risks and the long list of other problems that “don’t” exist.  They don’t belong in a residential area.  They are not economically viable.


  • Clean energy!


  • We support both wind and solar energy.


  • What are the chances of decrease: tax and elec.


  • I do not want it at all!


  • I would support this project if these turbines didn’t interfere with migratory birds and the APEX company doesn’t abandon these turbines after their ten year tax break runs out.


  • This household supports alternative non-industrial non-centralized energy development.  In other words, residential energy production.  Inviting large, non-local companies to come in and “develop” in this town is a recipe for disaster and will only degrade if not destroy the unique character of this rural community.  Please use your energy and influence to support community businesses and residents rather than corporations and politicians that have no true stake in living here.


  • I strongly believe that APEX Energy is selling our community, right to farm community, a lie!  Have we not learned from the power plant how temporary the savings is and will be.  How much land was lost and ruined.  Tax savings…temporary.  Fixtures permanent.  As a Somerset tax paying citizen, lifelong, I strongly oppose any windmill projects in which APEX will sell off after the commercial resurrection of the windmills.  So long to our farm land and our town in which we call home.


  • I recently traveled to Wyoming County to personally see the turbines located there.  As I approached the area, the sight of the turbines seen on the skyline was not objectionable, but when I got closer and closer, the massive towers protruding from the formerly scenic countryside drastically changed the beauty of the rolling hills.  A sight like that belongs in an area that is industrialized, not in the Town of Somerset.  What right does a company have to make a decision that so alters the standard of living for the residents living there?  If neighbors are opposed to these monsters what kind of neighbor grants permission to build them anywhere near those neighbors?  So many questions just centering around maintaining the dignity and beauty of our town!  Also questions about keeping our community a place that is safe, where current residents want to stay, and where new residents want to move to.  Yes, there would be financial benefits, but do we sell our soul to the devil for them?  Do we change the whole atmosphere of living in Somerset so that years later future generations are faced with the problems of a company that may or may not be operational, that may or may not maintain these wind turbines or take them down if not functioning?


  • Very vague.  What is a “significant” property tax decrease?  What are “significant” electricity cost savings?  What are the trade-offs for these “savings”?!




  • I’ve seen the results of wind turbines.  Orangeville, Sheldon and more. It looks like star wars.  My late brother owned a hunting camp, cabin and 120 acres of land in Orangeville.  They wanted to build the last of a string of them and it cost him thousands of $ to fight it but he won the case. 


  • Alternative clean energy sources is a great idea.  Making them as aesthetic as possible is an added bonus.


  • We have family members with health problems that will be worsened by nearby wind turbines, as well as livestock we fear will be affected.


  • Question 1 sounds like ALL turbines would be in Somerset not Somerset/Yates.

Question 3 far back and away – poorly worded, TOO AMBIGUOUS!! WHAT IS FAR AND AWAY?? WYOMING COUNTY??

What is “significant decrease”? – TOO AMBIGUOUS


We feel that the value of this survey is suspect given the types of questions as well as their wording.


  • I totally oppose wind turbines.


  • #7 Would need to see a project proposal

As I publicly state my family and I are against this wind turbine project in any way, shape or form.  If you truly believe what you wrote that the primary duty of the board is to the constituents of this town then also think of the future constituents 10,20, 30 or more years from now and what will they have to deal with.  Please do not allow this or any large wind turbine project to be placed in Somerset/Barker.  Thank you.


  • It seems logical to take advantage of this natural resource to harness this energy!!!


  • Go big or go home




  • I am strongly opposed of any wind turbines in the Town of Somerset or Yates.  To me they are an eyesore and would degrade property values especially along the lake shore.


  • When you drive into the Town of Somerset-there are signs that say “A Right to Farm Community”.  Don’t take that away from us! No wind turbines at all!!  I do not believe there will be any significant reduction in taxes.  NY State-we have to pay APEX within 5 years for these monsters.  We will not see reduction in electric-we will be forced to buy per Cuomo!!


  • Overall bad community relations and pending lawsuits with neighbors

Loss of property values-resale values-property/land rights.

            *No study has been made on the impact of deciduous fruit trees

 pollution and health issues. 

Damage to land-productive land

Cost of road repairs

Maintenance of windmills

US Fish & Wildlife Survey – migrating birds 3 miles from shore


  • Think they would help see no reason to not use them





  • #5 – strongly oppose due to my property value will decrease hence the property tax decrease

#6 – We strongly oppose because the question is based on the premise of accepting the  of wind turbines which we totally reject

#7 – No opinion because we have not researched other communities that have solar farms.  Therefore we are unable to provide an educated opinion





  • Our wildlife and property values are very important to us all.  No turbines please!


  • As a land owner I’m concerned with who will maintain, repair or remove the turbines in 15 to 20 years when they fail.


  • Everything that is proposed for our town always gets beat back.  Why not encourage new businesses to locate here.  Maybe Somerset would benefit by having some young people move here, raise families and help Somerset grow and be vibrant.

*Don’t tell me farmers do not scare away wildlife and destroy habitat beneficial to wildlife.


  • I live in Barker because I enjoy the area – not because I have to!


  • We didn’t want them before – what is the difference now!!


  • Placement of at least a portion should occur within the existing Somerset Power Plant boundaries


  • Programs are only good for as long as the federal gov’t. subsidizes companies like APEX.  As soon as the money runs out these companies will disappear.  The other concern we can’t keep the coal power plant running because there is no need for the electricity.  We should make all efforts to keep the coal power plant a viable source of power.


  • Did we not have a lesson learned with NYSEG.  Taxes went down initially when it was built and then it was sold.  What happened to the tax break and now we have an “unofficial” land fill?  So so sad. Please don’t ruin our beautiful township to meet the needs of people in cities who don’t even appreciate land and trees.


  • We think that our town and community should be promoting ways to save our existing power plant not ways to drive it out of business.  One way to do that is to push for its conversion to natural gas.  Why should consumers pay existing power plants and their workers to sit on idle waiting for the times of low velocity winds.  There are much better wind sources than the Town of Somerset that are in close proximity to the major power demand of N.Y.S.  A couple of suggestions would be the ridges along the Hudson River and any of the Atlantic coast line near New York City.




  • I still need to research solar power, but it seems to me that solar would be a better choice.  Thank you.








  • Green energy and tax reduction is great.  The coal fired plant is not going to be here forever.  It seldom runs now and layoffs never happen and that means we are paying for idleness in one way or another!


  • Would need to know details of any other project such as solar before supporting or opposing.  Considering turbine projects do not lead to lowered electric bills I wonder why this question was included?  Unless we want a community locked in litigation and animosity the APEX plan is a terrible idea.


  • Not sure how our power cost will come down but I would trust the town board to be very thrifty on the tax receipts increase.  I feel bad that the people who are against this would treat the town board and supporters with the disrespect I have seen.  They should be ashamed.


  • WE believe that anyone should have the right to DO what they please on their own property that they pay taxes on, and it is a no brainer in this economy, that anything that lowers taxes and electric is a good thing.


  • Less support Modern Tech.  Solar uses too much land which would be taken out of production.


  • This would be a definite (+) plus for this township.  Harnessing our free air for electricity production is definitely a good thing for our economically depressed area.  The towers are beautiful.  I’ve seen them in the southern tier.  An economic boon for our area.


  • Hopefully the decision of wind turbines is not based on money!  I would love to save money on taxes and electric but don’t want to see residents leave Somerset because of it.  Our town is already small, any smaller and there will be no Somerset!


  • #7 Need to know more about solar farms to answer this.


  • Windmills sound romantic and lovely.  However, they are harmful to the ecology both long term and short term.  We need to think of the harm done to birds and other creatures - including humans.  We would be leaving trash for future generations to clean up.  Any monetary payment received would be like selling our souls to the devil.  I want no part of it!


  • Would need more info. on other ideas.


  • Windmills have been tried in other parts of the world and have not proven to be of any great advantage.


  • Wife’s concerns are mostly based on health concerns that have been brought up by opposition.  Need clarification on those issues.


  • More specific details are needed such as where, benefit to town and individuals, etc.


  • Not enough information on placement of wind turbines, damage to birds, and noise created.


  • The reason I strongly oppose these windmills is because as a “snowbird” traveling to and from Arizona to New York I have seen their pollution of the landscape.  I do not want that in our beloved town.


  • Before I give my opinion…where exactly are they going?  If it winds up in my backyard, I oppose to all the above for putting up wind mills.  Niagara Falls is in our area and we don’t benefit from lower electric costs so I don’t buy that theory!


  • Solar in my opinion would be less intrusive/passive on our environment.  No turbines!!


  • My sister lives in the town of Freedom, NY.  As you go through places like Java, Sheldon and other towns and villages on the way to Freedom, there are all sorts of wind mill farms.  They have ruined the entire area and my sister has not realized any benefits from them.  Anyone who wants to have a very disorienting and unnerving experience should drive through the above area after dark when all the lights are flashing on these wind mills.



HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED USING THE ALREADY DESTROYED, NON-FUNCTIONING, SOMSERSET PROJECT LAND?!  LEAVE BARKER BEAUTIFUL!!  (We already have enough underprivileged that cannot upkeep property to help beauty.)

  • It seems like wind turbines would be environmentally good.  Solar power would be very environmentally safe also.  I’ve been up close to windmills but these windmills were very far away from houses, villages, towns, etc. – tops of hills or middle of fields.


  • Main concern is in the future when they are not operable anymore.  I think APEX Clean Energy should be financially responsible for them from start to finish to removal, not just for a set number of years.  If the town becomes responsible at some point in the future, then all our tax and electricity savings are undone.


  • On question 3- what is “far back and away”?

Due to the negative effects on wildlife, birds and serenity of the countryside, we are adamantly opposed to the siting of wind generators in the Town of Somerset.




  • I moved here for the peace and quiet.  I will be working to remove the elected leaders of this town if this project is supported.  I vote and so do my neighbors!




  • BIASED QUESTIONS – if you have #5 & #6, where are questions involving health & environmental effects??

No questions concerning health or environmental effects.

Question #3:  Define “far and away”, please.

  1.  Use numbers, as in yards or miles.  Bad question.
  2. We already know from lease agreements that APEX reserves the right to overhang blades on neighboring properties so a survey from residents-even lease signers-means nothing.


  • Do not wish for this project to go through.


  • If you cannot come up with other ways to decrease property taxes in Somerset, then shame on you.

If you have the time – call me.  I will share with you my direct experience with wind turbines.


  • We are all for green energy on a residential basis, but are strongly opposed to commercial projects.


  • Is Solar power the next thing?  How does coal burning fit in?  Does environment have the most influence?  I heard the wind mills are already and done deal. True?  Will taxes for school and Niagara County be affected?  Are farmers getting big pay offs?


  • Why spend money conducting this survey when the turbine company will do what they please anyway (even if the town residents overwhelmingly oppose this project)?


  • Solar farms would be welcomed!


  • If “far and away” is measured in miles and not feet I would moderately oppose.  I also don’t believe any tax decrease is worth the health of the environment or town residents.  And as far as a reduction in electricity costs my monthly bill averages $60.  So no, an electricity adjustment would not change my view on windmills.


  • (5) won’t last if there was

(7) won’t last if there was


  • Thank you Dan

#6 I just purchased $20 K in solar panels; I would be very upset if this is my benefit!

I believe the town should get Solar Panels while there are excellent State incentives.




Wind farms are extremely ugly and highly offensive to view.  We moved here because of unlimited natural nature scenery and strongly prefer to keep it that way.  I have observed solar panel field farms and find them much less offensive.


  • #7 depends on what it is.

We have one power plant, please give us a break.  Let’s support what we already have.  People who have signed up have been for nothing but money and greed.  Let’s not let a few greedy (perhaps desperate) land owners ruin our town.  Wind energy is the wrong way to go.  Please NO Windmills.


  • #5 won’t happen!!

It takes Leadership not surveys!  The Town of Somerset can ill afford the loss of another large commercial project.  This is a small town with low incomes dependent on one (1) large commercial enterprise.  With the impending loss of Key Bank, this goes to show that there is not enough money here to generate growth and services.  All we have to do is lose another project (Verizon 1st) and this place will be branded “Don’t Do Business in Somerset, NY!”

  • We pay taxes on our land, but the State can “over rule.”  Big businesses get tax breaks and we pay! When are the people going to have any say that is heeded?  NYC seems to be the only place that benefits – Cheap electric goes right by our homes to “the big city!”


  • There are many options for power production that are more efficient and less intrusive than wind turbines.


  • Wind energy is not a reliable or efficient means of energy production.  It is unreliable as well as very expensive!  Environmentally, turbines cause NOISE POLLUTION and harm wildlife.  We have lake property because it is beautiful and scenic…turbines are visually unappealing…Please do not destroy our beautiful area with wind turbines.  Wind turbines will affect the property value, resale of homes and any future recreational use of our lake front.  It will hurt the tax base and future economic revenues from tourism or vacation homes.


  • Would agree to much smaller wind mills, the size the town has already.  This project will not help long term employment of local people.  The damage to local wildlife, hunting, they should place these huge things CLOSER to cities, where excess power is needed.  Let rural stay rural.


  • Who wants to live in the middle of a wind farm?  Would you purchase a house in the middle of a wind farm?  Would you build a house or a business in the middle of a wind farm?  This will hurt our property values!  Industrial wind turbines DO NOT belong in residential areas!


  • I am against any form of wind turbines in town.  It is bad for the environment.  I enjoy the rural Town of Somerset just as it is…


  • If this does go through we need to get very strict usage of land as to destroying crop land and our natural resources.  Once destroyed they can never be corrected.


  • #7 Solar farms ARE NOT an eye sore!

I DO NOT want to look at a 495’ or 600’ wind mill in my f…….. Back yard!  I don’t care what the tax savings are (I have a job-my taxes are affordable-keep up the good work).  Cheap electric is Bull…. and just a promise that this company is using now.  It’s a lie!  Why, with AES here, do we not have cheap electric or with the hydro plant in Niagara Falls do County residents not get reduced power charges?  And to top it all off while my farmer neighbor gets  paid $15,000/yr to have the wind mill on his farm, I get to look at it AND hear the blades turning and the shadows flickering into my House, all while I get ZERO benefit from this?  IT IS GARBAGE!!!  I am not in favor of this project!!!




  • It is an extreme disappointment that this project was pursued without any knowledge of the community.  Dan, please do the right thing; stand up for your town, listen to us.  Keep APEX out.  We need your support now, more than ever.


  • “SHOW ME THE MONEY”  We doubt that having windmills in our area will decrease taxes or lower energy costs.  We are sure, however, our property value will go down.  Would you buy a cottage that is located near a windmill farm?


  • WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?  Property tax decrease, electricity cost savings – REALLY???  Not sure how accurate this survey will be – but you need to know that this project is ripping our precious township APART!!  DON’T let APEX take any more!!  We live here because we love the RURAL countryside!! A project of this proportion (or any outside project) would PERMANENTLY change the landscape and devastate our living.  ACT NOW!!!


  • Please, do not let this happen.


  • How noisy would the turbines be?  We had the power plant built and taxes went down for a while then back up, is that going to be the same situation with turbines.  How will they be maintained?  Danger to wildlife?


  • At this point in time, until more info is available on where, how many, and economical value to the community, I am strongly opposed.  Thank you.


  • We LOVE the country atmosphere, the wide open views, the farm land, everything about this area. We don’t want it ruined by these monstrosities that will be visible from miles around.  This world needs less change, not more.  Keep Somerset the way it’s always been, which is wonderful.  We strongly oppose this insane idea in every way!


  • What are the opinions of the Supervisor Candidates?


  • #4 very tip of blade at its highest point to ground or from turbine head to ground?

We need renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels – if it is good enough for Palm Springs, CA – why isn’t this good enough for Barker?  You should also try to get a reduction in the transmission charges from National Grid along with a reduced rate per Kwh.


  • We are to believe the money will be divided between too many towns and counties to give us much relief.  The electricity isn’t going in our town so no lower electric bill.  Put a gas line in and revive the power plant.  It doesn’t matter if it’s gas, coal etc. all you need is something to make steam - consequently more jobs,  people buying homes or renting, more money spent in the town – taxes, fuel, food, etc.  We don’t believe that gas isn’t cost effective.  A railroad line was built for coal.  Put in a gas line!!!


  • We do not want them.
  • #1 we thought this amount is split between Yates & Somerset

We are in favor of clean and renewable energy.  We feel Apex should be required to pay its full taxable value (we thought this survey was a little confusing!)  We appreciate all your hard work to find the best outcome for Somerset.




  • Please do not ruin good farm land for this project.


  • *Health *Property *Value decline. 

Governments have not required any scientific testing to prove that wind turbines are safe for humans or animals. Noise, vibration, shadow flicker, ground current + stray voltage.  Endangering the non-renewable health of our families.  Property value decline – there is proof of this at other turbine locations.  Most people’s homes are their largest assets, devaluation would create undue hardship for property owners and families.  We already have our “white elephant” – the power plant.  I suggest we do something with what we already have.  Seems to be a greener proposal than the obtrusive wind-turbines. From 30+ year voter and taxpayer.


  • As concerned citizens in the beautiful Town of Somerset, we are strongly opposed to the wind turbine factory.

Last weekend we took a drive down to Wyoming County to see first-hand the turbines so we could fairly comment on them.  We stood directly under one of the 578 ft. turbines.  We heard the “woosh-woosh” produced by each passing blade.  We were able to see the “shadow flicker” produced by the same blades.  As we were told, homes littered the road side that were either abandoned or up for sale.  We were unable to see any animals or live-stock or even insects anywhere around the turbines.  It was definitely an eerie feeling.

Most of the turbines were placed strategically among the hills so they were not very noticeable.  They were placed 1500 feet away from a home on flat terrain or among small neighborhoods.  Among them we viewed several that were not working or slowly working.

There seems to be no benefits to anyone but the people who lease their property to APEX.  It is not fair to place a turbine in someone’s backyard who will have no say about this.  We will lose our beautiful landscape.  We have an energy plant in our backyard already not even running at full potential that we fought diligently against, but still ended up with it in our backyards!!  It has driven people out of the area.  We have lost job and tax base.  Our school is in fiscal ruins because of the PILOT.  Why would we want to go through all this again???

Please consider this process long and hard before coming to a decision.  They will be here, operable for only a short time.  Then we will be left with leaking, dilapidating turbines which will cost millions to get rid of.  We want to be known for historical cobblestone houses and for Thirty Mile Point, not 570 foot wind turbine factories!!!


  • Strongly oppose wind turbines if they disrupt migratory bird patterns or have any other adverse effects on our ecology.
  • I have received letters for tax increase – electric bill going up – if this project goes through – then I get a letter that the opposite will happen.  Who do I believe?


  • STRONGLY OPPOSE: This project if passed is an abomination to Town of Somerset with serious negative impacts:
  1. Slaughter of birds & bats.  Loss of wildlife habitat.
  2. Loss of our natural landscape with 30-40 or 60-70 wind turbines, heavy-duty access roads, transformers and power lines.

3) of health to residents due to constant noise, mechanical and low frequency which may cause hearing , stress leading to other health hazards and illness.

4)Financial for residents due to property value depreciation, higher electric bills, diminishment of open farmland.

  1. Loss of liberty and pursuit of happiness to live in quiet beautiful peaceful environment.

This is government subsidized at tax payers’ expense.  Obama’s green energy policy which will NEVER pay for themselves and 10 yrs. Later we’ll be looking at them like the abandoned power plant!


  • No amount of tax or utility savings can replace the peace and beauty of our community.


  • Wind turbines will reduce property values for lakefront, create an eye sore for our rural community, and make property sales difficult.


  • We have a power source in our Town that does not work all the time as the power is not needed. The loss of wildlife – land – of peace with our neighbors plus the medical ramifications and the poisoning of underground water and eventually Lake Ontario run off is not acceptable. Strongly opposed to wind turbines!


  • Wind turbines are unreliable and high maintenance.  This whole idea is a con and only a few will benefit.  Niagara Falls is in our own backyard and we pay too much for Electric, also it’s the cleanest of all sources of power.  If anything electric will go up – Think about it!!


  • Thank you for the opportunity to express our stand on this project.  To be clear, we are NOT supportive of government subsidized energy projects with too many concerns in regards to health, environment, and land value depreciation.  Offering cheap electricity or the illusion of a tax break will not outweigh the overwhelming negatives that will be here for a lifetime.

Please keep in mind, location, location, location.  The further away from the wind turbines that one lives may affect a person/family opinion for or against these projects and/or offers.

We are just hoping to spend the rest of our lives here in Somerset…not somewhere else that doesn’t have wind turbines.  A wind turbine project would force our hand to move out of the area.


  • Depends on what the outcome of our taxes or any other financial aspect would be involved.  We support it if it will have a positive effect on our utilities or taxes.  Thank you!


  • Large windmills are ideal for brownfield lands but not our lake shore community.  In the location of these windmills it is nothing short of a bad idea.  Solar panels would be a great idea.


  • The only pertinent question is question number one!


  • In our opinion it would be a huge mistake to allow these turbines into our town.  The negatives far out way any supposed property or electricity savings.  Once these things are put in they are here to stay, don’t allow them in!!  Why not promote Solar – something all residents can benefit from, not just landowners that lease their property to large companies.


  • #1 too many

This is Ag. Farming community NOT “wind farm”


  • It wind turbines are approved for the Town of Somerset, we will sell our three structures, our 45 acres, and move out of this Town.  We have already contacted a realtor who is prepared to assist us. 


  • 1 – no energy cost savings with AES or NYS Power Authority

       2 – put in turbines and we will see our homes values fall

       3 – there will be only a few landowners benefit from this.  I live here for the peace of country        living.

The PSC and Town Board should seriously consider the majority.  This will only benefit a few!!


  • #3 living near the smaller windmills at the Water Treatment plant.  I don’t believe the larger turbines can be set far enough away from homes to prevent noise and glare problems.

#7 I’d need more information before I could decide.

I am concerned by the many negatives – noise, glare, disruption of wild life, but also that when the turbines are no longer viable they will remain in place.  To me that seems very dangerous and an eyesore.


  • How do you expect a person to have an opinion without having had any association with wind



  • I feel as if thus far these turbines and decisions have not taken into account our opinions. Furthermore, if you don’t turn them away, I will be forced to not only vote for anyone else running for office in November, but also will relocate with my 3 children.


  • #7 better than wind, but still not cost effective.  Does not follow comprehensive plan of Somerset. Industrial wind turbines have “tripled” electricity costs in the last 10 yrs.  Negative health impacts, such as shadow flicker, division of community and LOSS of property values, tax base erosion should be enough reason to say NO!  First do no Harm.  Health, safety and welfare of “all” people must come first.  1/10th of taxes does not equal harming people! It is only right that any municipal employee taking money by doing business with any corporation engaged in soliciting town business Should Step DOWN. They are in conflict of code of ethics and moral integrity – Fire them!!!


  • Anything run or subsidized by the government will fail.  We are 18 trillion dollars in debt because of the failed attempts at stimulus packages including solar and wind.  All these companies are doing are taking our tax dollars doled out by the idiots in Washington and putting it in their pockets.  When the money goes away so will they!

The only way to strengthen our tax base is to create manufacturing jobs – jobs that produce something,  We have had a drywall company, hydroponics company, and data center offer to come here.  Why didn’t we embrace these opportunities?  If we are not moving forward then we are moving backwards.  There is no more status quo.  We cannot replace growth with wind turbines or solar panels.  We need to build and develop jobs!

The drop of enrollment at our school should tell you something.  We are going backwards.  Our kids will be leaving the state to find jobs unless something is done.  Retiring people will be leaving as well.

Please consider all alternatives and avoid any involvement with wind or solar companies.  The government is only using our tax dollars to entice us into believing their ridiculous agenda.


  • I own 18 ½ acres of land on the north side of West Somerset Rd.  Will this impact my land at all?

Or will the power lines and wind mills be located more towards the lake?


  • Short life span, then no tax break or low cost electricity, but towers still there.


  • If it saves the people of our town money on taxes and electric, I’m all for it.  If I could afford it, I’d let you put one on my property.


  • #7 need to do research on it.

We love our town as it is.  More importantly, property tax reduction or electricity savings does not offset the impact these eye sores would have.  It’s as if being asked how much would you take for this health hazard/inconvenience?  It’s a bad deal for the town and we elected officials to protect us from bad deals.  Some things can’t have a price tag.  Please say NO to wind energy in Somerset/Yates.


  • In order to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gases we need alternative energy sources.  Wind and Solar are the answer now.  It will be worth the price we pay in increased taxes and higher electric bills to rid our planet of the scourge of burning oil, propane, and natural gas.


  • My wife and I moved to the Town of Somerset in 2006 because we wanted a Farm environment and have always had a joint Love for animals – horses, dogs, cats, chickens.  We fully understand that the town’s Government has a need to explore a tax-saving solution with the uncertainty of the AES coal Plant.  We firmly believe that these enormous wind turbines are a very bad idea as they Deface the natural environment.  They would be a short sited decision which would only benefit a “small minority” of the citizens of Somerset.  I hope our Town Supervisor and his constituents, and the Town Board send “them” packing.  They are not in our best interests.


  • Solar technology is not Hundreds of feet tall!  Health Issues with wind farms is an issue!  Decease in property Value is an issue!  NoiseFlickerShadow!


  • Even though we have a coal-fired power plant in our backyard, any alternative power sources are what this region needs.  I know there would only be construction jobs, but if it can provide lower cost electricity to our area, I’m for it.


  • My wife and I are opposed to large wind mills due to the fact they will ruin the peace and tranquility we have enjoyed for the past 41 yrs.  We can’t imagine the damage that will be done to our community – environmentally and aesthetically – by the industrialization of the town’s waterfront with these large wind turbines.  This while other communities are striving to repair and enhance their waterfronts. The promises of lower taxes and lower electrical rates are not ones that can be kept.


  • We realize that these are property owners who can only think about themselves and not the benefit of the rest of the people in our town and we feel sorry for their lack of concern, but this endeavor is selfish and lop-sided.  It’s a shame we have so many people who are like sheep who would jump off a cliff to follow a big mouth.  We completely support the wind mills and this is progress and clean energy for us all.  And it will benefit our schools.  So we say YES.


  • #5&6 to me are trap questions.  Sure I’d like a saving in property tax and electricity costs, but not at the expense of the environment and the beautiful country side we have here in Somerset.  So PLEASE scrap this project and go SOLAR.  What can it hurt?  Thank you for listening.

FYI – On Sat May 18, 2013 a young bald eagle landed on the pole in the front yard with a good sized fish, stayed awhile and then flew off to the N.W.  Would like to see more.


  • This project is a terrible idea for our community.  All you have to do is look at how it has turned out in other communities.  I oppose it, as do all of my neighbors based on the effect on our environment, our health, our property values and on our RIGHT TO THE QUIET ENJOYMENT OF OUR PROPERTY.  I BELIEVE THE PROCESS IS UNFAIR AND BENEFITS A FEW AT THE EXPENSE OF MANY.  I AM ALSO ANGRY AT NOT BEING LET IN ON THIS POTENTIAL PROJECT EARLIER.


  • Listen to 740 am radio in Canada and hear what they say about the one they have.  They want them taken out???


  • Wind turbines are not worth the small benefits (finance) we may see.  There are too many cons associated with the project including many health associated risks.  There are other ways to obtain renewable energy that are much more beneficial if the town is looking for a way to save money on electricity and property taxes.
  • Baiting discussion with hooked “significant savings” of property tax and electric is not appropriate.  This is not governed locally.  Other factors drive these costs.  Without specific impact and duration of any savings, the negative environmental and aesthetic short and long-term impact to our beautiful area overwhelms my negative vote on this proposal.  In summary, I believe this would be bad for our area with minimal return to help local economy.


  • Set back should be at least 3200 ft.


  • My husband passed away 6 yrs. ago, so I am filling this out.  Our son lives in Naples, New York.  They have wind turbines along his road and you don’t hear them.


  • Anyone opposing technology has to realize the fossil and coal and even gas is not going to maintain themselves at present levels, might as well have future generations be proud of us for jumping on the wagon early…


  • Had a coal burning plant that moved people out of homes and now is not working – what next!


  • #3 should be 2500 ft from homes without the possibility of flicker or any interference to home owner


  • We will move out of Somerset if this goes through.  Why would you destroy the Beauty of this



  • Not against turbine as long as not close to Village and out in the farmland away from houses.


  • I am very much against any turbines in our Town of Barker.  Too many bad effects.


  • #5 we did not move here to live on a wind farm

If Apex is not stopped by the PSC at this early stage, we feel a consulting anti-wind team of attorneys should be retained to support the current two-person team.  Can our attorneys, who have Lockport connections, help us get a resolution from the Niagara County Legislature opposing this project?

Thank you for the opportunity to express comments with the town survey regarding the possible Apex project.  We suspect that you will get many attachments such as this because of the deep feelings that many taxpayers – especially those in the lakeshore residential area-have about this possible intrusion into our community.  Also, thank you for the pro-active positions that the Town Board is now taking.  Your leadership is appreciated.

This same document will be placed in paper format in the envelope we use to return the community survey.  The research in the document is also the basis for comments you will see on the DPS website.

We would like to provide four (4) points and/or sources of information that may prove helpful as the Town moves into a new and challenging environment.

  1. When Article X was put forth by George Maziarz, the transcript from the NY State Senate from May 9, 2011, reveals the following statement from Senator Liz Krueger, someone who voted “no” on this bill that took away “home rule” and about which so many questions remain unanswered:  Ms. Krueger to Mr. Maziarz: “I think the concern here is your bill draws the line at 80 megawatts – and you’re right, we’re all going to need more energy in the future.  We need a better, more modern electric grid.  We need alternative, cleaner energy production sites.  But I guess the good news is we’ve got, according to the state, enough energy to make it through 2020 without any new power plants.  That’s according to the 2010 Reliability Needs Assessment by the NY State Independent Systems Operator – Operators, I think it is.”

Further on in the minimal debate, Ms. Krueger then said, “I want to argue that we should be voting no on this bill, and I’m hoping my colleagues will join me in this.

One, if this is not a fast-tracking for something that needs to be done right away-and the sponsor, by his own statements (Mr. Maziarz) believes that a final siting bill for the State of New York would be somewhere between the bill he’s proposing today and the bill that the Assembly is passing – I, speaking for myself, don’t know why I would want to vote for a bill that will leave so many unanswered questions out there.

There’s not an urgent need to do this.  And in fact, he agrees it’s not a fast-tracking bill.  It goes too far.  It doesn’t address nearly enough of the environmental concerns that have been raised over and over in this state around the siting of power plants.”  Still the bill passes.  Source:

While much of the discussion in the debate seemed to focus on nuclear and other types of more traditional power operations, Ms. Krueger’s words apply today-to this situation.

Included in Mr. Maziarz’s bill is “If the siting board determines that the facility would have a significant disproportionate impact, the applicant must offset or minimize that impact.” 


Minimize? How do you minimize a 600 foot turbine along the Seaway Trail in a Lakeshore Residential neighborhood?  Since Apex would be unable to do any such thing, they would be unable to meet their obligation and, therefore, one might argue that they should not be able to proceed with the project.  This is a legal question, but it could be an important one.

Interestingly, Warren Buffet holds billions of dollars in wind farm investments, but he is quoted in US News and World Report in May of 2014 as saying: “On wind energy we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms,” the billionaire Democrat recently told a Nebraska audience.  “That’s the only reason to build them.  They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”  Source:

  1. In the logs that Apex must submit to NYS on a bi-monthly the response to numerous questions from residents is that answers will be forthcoming at a future date; the answers tend to be “indefinite” or open to interpretation, or a reference to speak with local officials who, like the residents, are dependent on Apex for clear answers.  Residents and our town leaders need answers.  In one place in the latest blog, Apex states no turbines will be placed north of Lower Lake Road in either Somerset or Yates. (Source: pg.32 of March/April e-mail log).  In another place, they reference Lower Lake Road but then state that the project boundaries do go to the lakefront (Source: pg.42 of 51 of March/April e-mail log).   Does this mean that something other than turbines can be placed up to the lakeshore?  Whatever boundaries are used, this is not the place to put turbines, particularly the largest turbines in NY State that far exceed any town’s existing zoning laws.  A letter from the Town to DPS, placed in the commentary as soon as possible, regarding the lack of clarity in the responses Apex has offered during this public involvement process might be very helpful to us in the future.
  2. Apex, who doesn’t seem to feel it necessary to sign a NY State ethics agreement, will, however, execute a “code of conduct” agreement if NYS is “still encouraging developers to do so,”  Source: March/April e-mail leg pg 9 of 51.  What code of conduct agreement?  Their own?  The State’s?  It would seem reasonable that they should have stepped up to sign the State document before even coming into Somerset and Yates.  These facts, too, could, we believe, strengthen the Town’s position regarding these turbines.
  3. Another point, we have not seen discussed, is the issue of eminent domain and/or right-of-ways.  Nowhere have we seen, in e-mail logs or in presentations, that Apex has educated officials or residents that wind companies have used this rule against adjacent land owners (who may not have signed original leases with them) in order to place access lines and/or above or below-ground transmission lines when leased properties do not adjoin one another.  Is this eluded to when Apex says (e-mail log of March/April): “There will be an opportunity for adjacent landowners to participate in the project and receive compensation.”?  We all need answers about this.  In Kansas, this issue has been a source of litigation when “hold-out” landowners were taken to court (Source: Christopher Guinn, writing for on Sept. 5, 2014).

In conclusion, we thank you for reading all this. We sincerely hope that however the “vote” on this issue turns out that the Board will recognize that there is massive opposition to this project, especially along the shore.  Alternate energy doesn’t need to take 12,000 acres and split a town so it can never be put back together again.  There are far more appealing options.

We urge a resolution from the Town Board that clearly goes on record as opposition to this project.  The State needs to hear from our leadership.  Money is not everything, and it can’t buy or in any way make up for what we, as a community, will lose if this project proceeds.  Thanks again for the good initiatives that have now begun.


  • 1 turbine is too many – no matter if it’s 495 ft or 600 ft.  Some questions in the survey are misleading.  Didn’t know Solar farms were an option to consider.


  • Regarding item 6 – we have a power plant in our town that has never reduced our electricity costs, so we highly doubt that these wind turbines will be of any benefit to our town. We also believe that they are a detriment to our wildlife environment by killing birds of prey.


  • We are not opposed to small scale windmills for individual homes.  Large wind turbines are a very bad idea especially when no provisions are made for future demolition (ie: an escrow account) or site restoration.  What happens if an adjacent land owner’s drainage is affected?


  • Need additional info!


  • I think it would be a benefit for all in the town.  Thank you for your concern.


  • As members of this community it is our responsibility to act as responsible stewards to insure that renewable energy is utilized for us and our future generations.  Added cost savings to all tax payers is only a plus for any project.


  • #3 How far is set back and away??   Feet?   Miles?

       #5 How much is significant?  It would only be temporary!

Our community is too small.  The turbines would take away from its simple natural beauty.  As a whole the community would not benefit from these turbines.


  • Good luck


  • My wife and I both support alternative/green energy development.  The only objection we would have is if our house fell in the shadow of a windmill, but it is my understanding that the proposed project would be located well north of us.  We are approximately 3.5 miles south of Lake Ontario.


  • However I have heard that our property values will decrease no matter how many miles away we are.  Is this true?  Will our homes decrease in value because of a wind farm in the same town?




  • Windmills are big and ugly, taking away the beauty of the area.  Our business has solar panels on the roofs of our buildings and they are fantastic.  I am talking about 500 panels.  We generate power and sell back what is not used.  We used ‘Solar Liberty’,  “I don’t work for either” great company.  The future is small and powerful, not big and ugly.


  • #4 Doesn’t matter to me what size they are!  We must engineer to the most effective and efficient size.

If we do not take advantage of the natural resource –the wind- in our town, then it is the same as if we all got free gasoline for life and just threw it all away.  I have no fear of health issues, no fear of my property values decreasing.  I don’t see many opportunities coming to Somerset to build our tax base in the future.  I think this project is good for our town.  The power plant will not be here long because of coal – so we must change, adapt and use the wind to our advantage.


  1. Lower Lake Rd boundary too close to water front properties
  2. Conflict of interest – Board members with Apex leases
  3. Coal plant not used to full potential – possible natural gas upgrade
  4.  Have both boards performed “Due Diligence” in regards to Apex?  Have they systematically researched and verified the accuracy of Apex’s statements?  It is the obligation of said Boards to insure that all stakeholders associated with this financial endeavor have all the information they need to assess the risks accurately.


  • Retro fit power plant with gas or bio fuel or make solar farm at that location.  Wind farms are very noisy and need too many to make power.  How about cow manure to gas at power plant.  Don’t have to burn coal, can burn wood or other by-products .  We’re a farm area.


  • I am not opposed to wind energy per se, but not at the expense of wild life (bats and birds) and overall quality of life for town residents.  People need to consider the long term effects and not only short term gains.  After the money is spent and the turbines built, the company moves on.  Residents are left with gigantic behemoths that may not function after ten years.  I would like to see more research done for bladeless turbines, which also harness wind energy, that have less impact on wild life and people.

Thank you.


  1. We agree with our Town Supervisor’s suggestion a couple of years ago to convert our coal fired plant over to natural gas!
  2. We told Apex that they should only put the number of wind turbines that the fly ash pile holds up on the 800 acre pile which would make its connections to the grid easy.


  • We oppose wind turbine factories for a whole raft of reasons – health, quality of life, the company’s lack of integrity and the fact that they do not produce green electricity!  It is a tax scam!


  • The only ones benefiting are the property owners and the energy company.  We don’t need more power.  If we do, shovel some coal into the furnace at the plant we already have.  What happens when these units are no longer serviceable and the energy company goes bankrupt?  This is a money grab scam.  If we do this we will be sorry later.


  • Solar power is even better.  The State needs an upgraded transmission system.


  • Items 5-7:  no information presented on what benefits are available to Somerset residents.


  • #1 What is large?

       #3 How far from lake? Ontario shoreline

       #5 > or = 50% decrease?

       #6 define

The vague nature of some survey questions make it difficult to answer.  Terms like “large” and “significant” should be clarified.  Would prefer to have the google/Verizon project revived to bring jobs as well as property taxes to the area.


  • A bigger concern than the wind mills is the spending of the reserve fund by the Town of Somerset Supervisor.  Money does not grow on trees and your spending is outrageous!!!  At the rate you are spending, we will soon be bankrupt or have a significant tax hike.


  • The towns of Somerset and Yates have unique settings. 

        1. We have open farm land

        2. We have many dairy farms

        3. We have an abundance of wood land

        4. We have a lake shore, which draws in visitors

        5. We have a State park, which also draws in visitors

        6. We have a quiet and peaceful area

        7. We are free of high rise buildings

        8. We are free of high traffic conditions

        9. We have a school system which is one of the best

      10.The current taxes and utilities bills are acceptable

The list are reasons why we live here.  Why should we be willing to give any of these things up?

*Also, a major concern is the possible devaluation of property.


  • Depending on what it is.  Do NOT want to see those things in our community at all.  This is a great place to live and you ARE going to ruin it with those stupid plans.





  • What good is a reduced electric bill when wind turbines are lowering the quality of life?  The power plant has raised our taxes and is an eyesore, why continue to ruin what’s left of the beauty of the town?  We need good changes to make Somerset grow, this isn’t it.  Whose responsibility is it to take the turbines down when they are done leasing the land?  How much is the Town willing to pay to help.  The noise from 1 turbine can be heard for 2 miles, where in the town can you put even 1 that it won’t be heard?


  • We would be willing to discuss having a wind turbine on our property, if it would give us cost savings on electricity.


  • We love the windmills.  We drive to Varysburg to just look at them.  I told the windmill people I’d welcome one on my land.  We are going over to discuss it.


  • Not enough info to answer #7.

We’re afraid the potential size of the proposed windmills would dwarf all else in the town.  What is the current tallest man made structure in the town?




  • #7 Question too vague!

Why would I want to reduce my property value by 50% or more.  Why should Somerset be a utility for New York City?


  • #1 eye sore

       #2 eye sore

       #3 whatever area.  “Our taxes and privacy is affected.”  Animals and conservation is affected.            Possibly. “Just something free”  No taxes and better highways, free health care to all!  Clean            and promote better and clean lakes.

       #4 “Don’t mix” (aviation obstruction) Plane’s 500 feet, now we will have airplane collisions with          windmills – “RIGHT!”

       #5 don’t believe it!

       #6 community savings – “don’t believe it”

       #7 the Power Plant was supposed to be a great tax savings.  Now it is obsolete.  Right?

There’s no future price quote to KWH or expenses and who would be personally affected, diagram of installation areas and etc., “tax” savings, electrical savings, construction and cost to all and each customer.  This survey is incomplete and without merit. 

More homework and explanation needed!!  National Grid explanation and opinions!  Hmmm!!

“So be it” Amen


  • Property taxes and electricity savings never really happen.  Government just trying to push it through by hanging a carrot.


  • What is the impact on the environment?


  • I believe placing wind turbines near the lake would negatively affect revenue for activities such as the regatta, fishing tournaments and the numerous festivals which occur in that area.  In addition, I believe the turbines will lower our property values and take away our peaceful way of life in the area.


  • As a community, let’s go into this with a very clear understanding of how this will benefit our community.  And also be clear of the end game.  Meaning, What is the plan should the wind mills no longer be need ie: Who will pay for dismantling them?  This could be a potential turning point for our town in that it can attract business and new residents If done correctly.  Keep County and State money grabbers, who only seek to help themselves, out of the debate and benefit.  Look at how much the County loses because of NYPA and other bad deals!


  • I would need more and complete information re: solar farms before I could comment.  Wind turbines are much too imposing, among other considerations, some more serious than the eye sore.  Somerset is a lovely rural community.  Already the coal power plant has negatively impacted us.  Trees and dying, and we are breathing the noxious gases from the smoke stack.  I don’t want to see any more industrialization projects that take away from the natural beauty and pleasant nature of our community.  Help us retain our “country” town environment.


  • I was under the impression that only 10 to 20 turbines would be placed.  I do not think that the Town of Somerset could have more than 20 turbines without affecting the landscape of the town significantly.


  • There are bladeless windmills being produced now.  I think we should just pass on this project.  It’s causing too much division in our community.  Wait for the next President and fire up the coal plant to capacity.  It’s sad to think, but I believe that the opposition people will give the landowners problems for years to come if it happens.


  • I have family in another part of the State who agreed to wind turbines; placed near them.  They have been horrible to their health and home.  We do not want them near our home.  If turbines come, we will leave Barker.


  • The Negative Impacts out weight the positives.  No Thank you.


  • After some research, Somerset and Barker have become my home and the potential to hurt this Town is too great.  The most important things (ie wild life, view, quiet) to me and my family would be ruined. We all strongly oppose ANY wind turbine project!


  • The fact that landowners with these wind mills on their property are given “gag” orders so they can’t talk about them, should tell us a lot.  These projects can’t be done without huge government subsidies which is really money borrowed from communist China or other sources.  This is so wrong, so unfair, and so stupid.


  • Once the landscape is altered by these behemoth turbines there is no turning back.  I believe the Town of Somerset’s pastoral setting is worth more than “a significant property tax decrease” or a “significant electricity cost savings.”  We should alter our consumption of energy rather than the beauty of our area.


  • Let’s get going on this!


  • Only 7/8 farmers are going to benefit from this proposal.  What about the other 500-600 residents?


  • We put up with enough already living next to a farm which is really an industry and not regulated, smell, dirt, dust, noise, and chemical run-off.


  • Thank you for doing a survey.  I would like to see the old NYSEG plant converted to gas before doing wind turbines.  This plant is down more than running lately because the grid does not need the power.  How can 70 turbines be needed?  It will decimate hundreds of acres of good farm land.  It will be like a circus act with all the flashing lights on these monstrosities.  This area is also in the bird migration path.  Some of these birds are protected species.  This project may be listed as clean energy, but the environment will pay a huge price for the sludge brought in for roads to the turbines and thousands of yards of concrete that will leach into the ground.  With a freshwater lake so close, this is a concern for me.  That is nothing compared to these turbines as they wear out, fall, get hit by lightning, a blade comes off, have a fire inside and will they be taken down or repaired?  Is the beauty of the lakeshore not worth preserving and not having constant flicker and low grade noise that can lead to health problems?  Please consider a ban on erecting these in the Town of Somerset.  This will be a conflict as some member’s family have signed a contract for permission to build.  Is the money that good with what this area will have to give up?


  • Someone needs to do something about the taxes, ↑ gas prices, property taxes.  You work your whole life and retire, excuse me, I will never be able to retire.  Rich get richer as the poor continue to drown.


  • No. 6 should have never been included.  It is against NYS Law.  “Can’t you remember why N.Y.S.E.G. were forced to sell the Somerset facility.   They will not change, modify or reconsider legislation for a rural part of N.Y. S.  The met. arenas dominate any state with a large City.  Examples – N.Y. N.Y.C. – Ill- Chicago- Mich-Detroit- They have the predominant vote.


  • Don’t let special interest groups stop this much needed project.  This town needs the jobs and the tax base.


  • Too big, too close – can’t see a spot in Town of Somerset for any of these!  Please “heed” what could be the destructive force in our beautiful community.


  • No Wind Mills!!


  • If the wind and solar industries were not subsidized by the government (tax payer money) they would not look so attractive!  If the coal industry was not targeted by the Government it could be more competitive!


  • We will support anything that will benefit the town and its people.


  • I believe these giant metal/electric structures have been proven to show significant harm to the environment around them, destroy the natural beauty of the landscape, & do not decrease taxes or energy costs as significant an amount as is often advertised.  There is plenty of research that has been done overseas & even right here in NY, as to the harm these turbines can produce.  The people of “Save Ontario Shores, Inc.” have gathered much of this research (  We are not affiliated with them, but feel the research speaks for itself.


  • No!  Dan No!  Love this land like we do, from your heart, not your wallet.


  • Look to the future.


  • Too noisy and they would decrease our home values.


  • The biggest issue we have right now, is the great intrusiveness of these structures that only benefit a few of the many other town residents that get no benefit at all.  Tax decreases and lower electric bills are a pipe dream.  A carrot to dangle to get these things built and then nothing happens.  If these contracts are such great deals for all, why gag orders on those who sign them?


  • I & my family are somewhat opposed to any industrial development in our town “unless” significant tax and other financial advantages are “guaranteed” to every citizen to aid in bolstering the disappearing tax revenue we have enjoyed under the Somerset Power facility.


  • Why do they need 12,000 acres for 70 windmills, do they want to build another 70 windmills later on?


  • I have to look at a 600’ smoke stack everyday as I step out of my house.  Don’t need any more eye sores.  Keep our community clean & quiet.


  • All our future energy should come from “clean & green” technology.  We should be thinking of future generations.


  • Town Government should operate within its means.  Not looking for sources of revenue.  If we can’t afford something, so be it.  The proposed machines would be a blight on our community.


  • We strongly support any renewable energy technology at any cost.


  • Hopefully the town will not get into assessing the value of these businesses and waste millions on lawyer fees like the coal fired plant!


  • We all need a property tax decrease.


  • It’s clean, renewable and saves money.  Go for it!


  • I would need more info to be able to comment on solar farms.


  • The real research suggests the disastrous effects on real estate within a 5 mile radius.  This has been substantiated in 12 nations.  We are totally opposed to wind turbines.


  • Let’s do this!!!


  • Believe effect have the wind turbines would cause a decrease in the value of my property.


  • What about municipal electric.


  • Would have to have more info on any other renewable energy technology options.


  • Wind project are always a net loss and only reason they are because they are subsidized by government and increased rates.  We need to change our already power plant AES to natural gas so it will be a business to benefit our town.


  • #3, #5 #6 would depend on location

#7 would need to know more info


  • I am for renewable energy forms.  I believe the large windmills are not right for this area.  Is it possible to convert the power plant into a cleaner burning natural gas?  I am sure there are far less populated areas that NYS can put up wind mills to power the grid!


  • My belief is they should take people to where they have some so they can see and hear them operate.


  • Questions #3 is vague.  “Set back far and away” is a subjective measure.


  • Dan Engert was all for windmills until he saw all the anti-windmill signs in town.  Listen to people’s opinion.  Good idea doing this survey.  We already have the largest taxpayer in the county (Som).  How about putting in some effort to keep your power plant here.


  • Our biggest concerns are the light flickering and property value decrease.


  • Thank you for asking for opinions.  Contrary to the numerous signs posted, not everyone is opposed to this.  We strongly support renewable energy.


  • Reduced taxes would result from reduced property values.  This is not worth dividing the community so that just a few could benefit financially.


  • A solar farm is preferable to a wind farm.  The wind turbines ruin the landscape.  We are a fortunate community to be next to Lake Ontario.  The wind turbines would ruin the view and only benefit a few.  Also, if they are put in who maintains them for the next 50-75 years – we’ve seen all the changes at AES in a short period of time – why go down that path again, with an out of area employer.


  • Dan, these mill farms RUIN the tranquility of a community.  We have them at Bliss, NY and while it saves a couple $100 on town tax – they are an eyesore.  Wind power is good – but they target low income communities.  I feel they belong off shore (2-4 miles) with underwater transmission lines.  Take a drive to Bliss, Java, etc. and ask residents how they like them.  While a few people get “paid off”- the community gets stuck with the loud, ugly industrial like clutter – for many years.  Somerset is beautiful without them. 


  • In my opinion our small rural area needs projects like this to keep it solvent and relevant.  Please only make sure Apex’s contracts with land owners provide protection for landowner’s.


  • The only way I would consider oppose is if there were no guarantees of maintenance.


  • #6 The public would not receive reduced electric rates.  Somerset is not a municipality!!!  This is considered false advertising.


  • We have already signed to have 2 turbines on our property.




  • I feel these wind turbines affect wildlife; and I’m 100% Conservationist.  Thank you.


  • If wind turbines come here we will sell our house and move out of this town.


  • It’s a “NO” all the way!!  Or Any Way.  They’re money hungry!!!


  • Town Board of Somerset.  I can’t imagine you (our Town Board) would consider such a horrible thing happening to our beautiful Township.  Can’t you speak up?  You were elected by us to stand up and consider what might happen to our beautiful farm land.  What else besides our beautiful lake and our farm land do we have?  Name me two things.  Money is the reason.  Shame on you.


  • There is a place for wind turbines – like the desert.  The EPA is trying to protect to coastline beauty by prohibiting retaining walls that would allow residents to protect against erosion because it would interfere with natural beauty of the lake.   Constructing these structures is a completely opposite concept and a terrible idea.


  • This survey is too vague and misleading.


  • If project accepted:
  1.  Should have guaranteed large setbacks from residences.
  2. Some form of guarantee from Apex that our property values in the town would not be negatively impacted.
  3. Do no give Apex a PILOT (they are already subsidized by federal and state).


  • LEAVE OUR COMMUNITY AS IT!!  Why this survey?  It’s plain ignorance if you haven’t already gotten the message this community does not want turbines!  We don’t want to ruin the existing beauty of our shoreline.  We don’t want to lose the serenity of this country community –during and after construction.  We don’t want to displace the natural habitats of our beautiful wildlife – or KILL IT OFF!

We don’t want a huge corporation, who is preying on, what they think is, an ignorant and non-reactive area – a corporation brainwashing the people who will monetarily gain from this invasion and one who will sell-out at the 1st opportunity to further gain for themselves after completed.

As Christians, we are horrifically saddened by the thoughts and actions of the advocates of this insane project.  They have NOTHING to gain from this other than money.  Some of these people claim to be Christians yet, today, they are selling out their friends and family, putting the money god and selves before all else – loving themselves and money above all.  Money is clearly and truthfully the “root of all evil” as this issue proves.

Known for a fact, people who APEX bought out are ignorant supporters who simply signed the papers “for “ the MONEY – NOT “for” the WINDMILLS.  Some of these people live 1-1 1/2  hours away from the property they signed over to APEX – they don’t care whether there are turbines here or not since they live nowhere near here.  As long as they get the MONEY (for retirement as one person has admitted) they couldn’t care less if this distant community suffers as a result of their selfishness.  Funny the advocates of this project quickly became big fans of turbines AFTER having dollar signs waved in their faces.  If the supporters of turbines love them and want to live on a turbine farm, they have their freedom to move and go live on one!  There is no need for the advocates of this project to sell out their community and neighbors to live on a wind farm.

Lastly, I want to express my concern for the extremely deceptive, misleading, and suggestive questions asked on this survey.  Smaller turbines?  Property tax decrease?  Savings on electricity?  Tricking residents to believe these are possibilities in order to sway their opinions is flat-out sinful. Based on those questions that have a strong potential of swaying people’s opinions makes this survey a HOAX and USELESS.  What a ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ money and time!  Shameful and embarrassing that the Town of Somerset has people working on this issue who are so corrupt.

Live up to your responsibility as leaders of this town and stop this invasion, stop the tension and hatred, strop the sin this project is causing – NOW- no dragging your feet!!

PS I have heard that one person who signed land over to APEX is already feeling the repercussions, and is already having second thoughts and feeling regret about doing so.  Too bad there is no turning back now thanks to the dealing of this money-driven corporation who preyed on a farming and lower income community for their self-gain.


  • I think a rendering of where you propose to put them or something of that nature.  If it decreases our tax/electric, I’m for it.  Or help our school sports programs by the company.  Electric in our community not shipped somewhere else.  And it will serve as a landmark, “Fishing Off The Windmills”, etc.


  • 1) Just like AES?  Please put the landscape and the migratory birds ahead of profit.  Solar energy would be a good alternative.


  • Please do your homework.


  • #1 & #2 Huge environmental & physical impacts.

#3 Not enough room for proper setbacks

#4 Anything over the tree line is unacceptable

#5 LEADING QUESTION cannot happen as APEX is after all tax breaks

#6 LEADING QUESTION cannot happen as solar and wind power are the most expensive

#7 Solar has similar problems to wind

Industrial wind and solar installations are incompatible with a farming community as they have a very large footprint and will interfere with farming operations.  Also incompatible with Somerset  Comprehensive Plan.


  • So many things have been done behind closed doors – people already signing up to have these on their property.  APEX soliciting people – already have studies and towers up and now you want input – too late – a done deal.  APEX came here because they knew we were desperate “country people”.  We are a smart proud community – you sold us out – for tax $!!  It will divide the community.  APEX will start it up and sell to a foreign company – with new rules – upset, mad and sad!!


  • Short life then no tax break.  I like bats. 


  • We live in the country because it’s quiet and no noise.  We strongly oppose anything to do with this project.


  • We live in the country to be away from the noise and the crowding of industry.  We don’t like the noise or the visual clutter of any of the towers around the area.  I think this is the wrong approach and wrong way to lower taxes.  If the Governor wants green power, put one or seventy of them in his backyard and let him look and listen to.  The power will go that way anyway, build them closer to where it will be sent.


  • Causes hatred between neighbors, promised lower taxes with coal plant – there it sits.  Windmill – flashing lights, noise, ruining a nice rural Community.  The windmills would bring.  Definitely… oppose.


  • I believe it is great, however if these windmills are placed here for us to look at then everyone should benefit.  Cheaper electric, property tax decrease, etc., not just the few!  Renewable energy such as solar and wind is great especially when the power plant is in trouble.  Thanks for the survey.


  • Don’t ruin our town and our property values.
  • On a recent visit to Bliss, NY we found the residents strongly supportive of their existing Large Wind Turbines.  Wyoming County has 100’s of turbines and all the residents appear to be happy they are there – including the deer!  Whose tracks can be found at the base of the turbines – negating one of the negative concerns!  The residents are receiving $3000 a year for each turbine on their property, pay no property taxes, plus they do not pay for garbage pickup.  Take a ride down Rt. 77 and when you see the 100’s of turbines you have to ask- “why not here”?


  • We strongly oppose any wind project for numerous reasons.  In letters printed in the Union-Sun from current residents in wind turbine areas state taxes and electric rates do NOT go down, property values do go down, wind power subsidies cost us money as they come from/through our taxes, some wildlife is endangered, health issues arise from constant noise and flicker shadows.  The existing coal fired power plant is not operating now and has not run for many, many months because the NYS power grid is so antiquated it is not able to accept power due to its limited capacity so how can it accept wind power or any type of power?


  • We have an investment in a power plant which is not running at full capacity.  Until we maximize our investment in what have already invested in, I see no need for additional energy construction within the town.


  • It is obvious as to the issues of how wind turbines are such a huge detriment to our area in so many ways but the one thing that has not been mentioned is how they violate our constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  If the windmills arrive our rights will be gone forever and the windmills will be here forever.  Not my idea of fair trade!


  • As long as setbacks are met and property values do not decrease, we support the project.


  • We are supportive of windmills but have a couple of issues with them:
  1.  Are there really any possible negative health hazards of any description?
  2. We’re not sure we will like the change from our quiet, beautiful countryside to having massive windmills sprinkled over the landscape.  We live right in the middle of where they would go and many would be visible from our house.  Right now we enjoy the sight of green fields and trees.


  • I believe that if the town council and other political members of various tangent communities would propose several viable alternatives to increase tax base development, as well as, beautify the richness of our waterfront community the members of the community (Somerset) will not only benefit present residents, but also the future of our children and future generations to come.  Let’s do something that we can be proud of for years to come!!


  • The turbines suggested are far Too large!  Look into other renewable energy technology Please!  Save the beauty of our town!!


  • I am concerned mostly about noise more than anything – I am supportive, but if smaller turbines reduce noise, I’m more supportive.  I assume they won’t interfere with lake views, but if that is not the case, I’d be less supportive.


  • Very Bad Idea!  Bad for bird flyway, Bad for property values.  Vibration, hum Bad for tranquility.  Eye sore.  I’ve seen them in Calif. Very impressive.  Should be put in very remote areas, such as South west deserts not near homes.  I’m for renewable energy, but wind turbines in this area is such a bad idea on so many levels.  I would not purchase a home or cottage anywhere there were wind turbines.


  • Overall, we do not support the installation of these turbines.  Our feeling is, if they are going to be constructed, everyone should benefit.  We do, however, understand and respect the desire of the large landowners’  support of such a project because of the potential income they can generate.


  • #6 Minimum of 60% savings Residential and commercial for 25 yrs.

I do not believe a wind farm is in the best interest of the community.  I am not opposed to clean energy, I simply do not believe this is a good project for us.


  • It’s funny to see the people opposed to the “eyesore” of wind turbines are often the worst offenders of leaving junk all around their property.  We need to start working toward clean, renewable energy.


  • If the siting of even one wind turbine made my property taxes, electricity and propane 100% free AND you gave me money back every month in perpetuity, I would still STRONGLY OPPOSE the proposal. We live in a beautiful, pristine, fertile area in close proximity to an unending supply of hydro-electric power from Niagara Falls.  These eyesores will irreparably scar and damage our countryside, our homes.  We should not even by talking about solar farms.  We have rich, fertile farm land already in place.  This is Western NY – we don’t get a lot of sunshine.  If you can harness the snowfall and convert it to energy somehow, let’s talk again.

Please, please, please do not allow these wind turbines.  This is a permanent decision and there is no turning back.  We will lose what makes this area so special and unique. Thank you for taking the time to read our comments.


  • We have Too many KNOW-IT-ALLS in this Town!  No, to the Power Plant, No, to the Cell Towers, No, to Small Business, No No No!!  Change is not Easy, But in this town it is impossible.  The group opposed to these say the facts don’t lie, but Theirs Do!  If you want to see examples of wind turbines, take a ride to Varysburg, NY or Lackawanna, NY!  One more observation, almost all of the arguments against are the same ones used when we first started to electrify America!!!


  • 1-This survey should have been administered by an outside/independent organization, so that the results could not be called into question.

2-The last question is not relevant to this survey and should not have been asked.  It has no bearing on a Wind Project.


  • Somerset has a natural beauty that wind turbines will ruin.  The coal power plant has become an eyesore.  We shouldn’t add another.


  • I am a walker.  It’s not so much the exercise, but more a time to decompress, to relax.  As I was walking the other day, I was basking in the beauty of the world around me – the planted and green fields, the hedge rows lined with trees.  The road was so peaceful-quiet except for birds chirping and a cracking of a branch every once in a while as a deer or other creature meandered through the woods.  As I took in the quiet beauty and listened to the sounds of nature that I so love I thought how horrible to have it all replaced by the looming stature and humming sounds of a 575/600 foot turbine.  Whenever I leave I can’t wait to get back to the rural tranquility of my home.  My home that someone else now has the power and authority to change for their own benefit – not mine.  The turbines would be almost equivalent to a 60 story building.  If I wanted to live around something that high, I’d live in the city.  Have you done your homework as elected officials should?  Is this survey just a sham to soothe the disgruntled?  Do you really care?  Have you already decided to accept APEX’s offer?  Word is that you have.  It’s a shame that you don’t love your town enough to preserve it.  It’s a pattern.  APEX is a business.  No one from APEX cares what happens to the community.  No one cares after their job is done.  No one from APEX will live here.  They come in, get what they want for their gain, leave and sell off.  The worry is only about the bottom line of profit.


  • There isn’t enough room to state my concerns, but perhaps we should just look at the history of the “sell job” with the power plant.  I remember when its development became a community controversy, with most being opposed.  Regardless of concern from community members, the project was put into place.  All the words of warning came true – it took away prime lake frontage that can never be retrieved, an historic cobblestone was torn down, roads were torn up (which NYSEG did repair; APEX will not).  For the first few years the community and school did benefit from NYSEG and its “gifts,” but that ended and the power plant was sold and sold again and sold again with each sale providing less for the community and school and with now presently a future looking bleak.  Soon the structure will become a relic on the lakeshore along with all the outside structures and the underwater structures in the lake rusting and decaying.  We had been promised a school tax base of 0% which was so appealing and for a while we did enjoy the monetary benefits of the plant, but not now.  The plant got the reduced taxes and think about the money spent on litigation.  Is the “good old American Greed” our motivation?  Are the turbines contributing financially to a select few while cluttering up the landscape that everyone will continually have to deal with?  I doubt that it’s a concern for the environment, but rather for a financial gain.  I doubt it’s thought for the future generations, but rather for the money to be had now.  What happens when the government stops the funding?  What happens when the turbine parts break down?  Just like with a car’s parts, they will break down and only get more expensive through the years.  I’m sure the survey is only to let people vent, but I truly wish someone would read and seriously think about the impact decisions made now will affect our future environment here in Barker/Somerset.  It’s pretty sad that money is always the bottom-line.


  • Sunsets are wonderful now.


  • With billions of dollars to spend on wind projects, it isn’t going to matter to them how many “no’s” come back on your survey.  When a town loses control of its own business, it’s bad news, especially with the State on its door step.


  • Will the property owners pay for the wind power subsidies?  We planned on enjoying our retirement years in the beautiful quiet area we live in.  Will the value of my property go down?  Will my taxes raise?  What will be the quality of life in Somerset?


  • My main concern is about the effect of wind turbines on residents’ health.  We have heard that wind turbines cause chronic headaches and other health-related issues.  We have had a difficult time finding information on this from unbiased sources.  We would like to learn more about this particular project, but we want it to be known that the safety and health of our family is our absolute highest priority.


  • Solar Energy is the way to go.  Which uses our winds near the lake.  The bigger wind turbines are very quiet and are of better design.


  • Solar energy in Barker?  Make more sense in Florida.


  • We currently live in south Texas where there are a lot of wind farms.  There is a lot of “ranch land” in the area with little or no homes.  The mills do produce a humming sound so it is important to remember homes would be affected, but we think it’s far better than big power plants (especially nuclear) with pollution.


  • The push is on for green power in NY.  THAT IS JUST A FACT OF LIFE.  Green power would be a nice addition for the town.  I’m very concerned about that ever growing slag pile at the Somerset coal plant.  It’s just too close to Lake Ontario and could ruin our fresh water.  Water is the most precious resource on planet earth.  I think the survey was a great idea!


  • Work on converting power plant to gas and keep it going to help our taxes.  What happens to the windmills when, in future years, they break and aren’t worth fixing, or their useful life expectancy is over, or the company goes belly-up?  They will just be sitting there for future generations to wonder what to do with them.




  • #4 I do not care how tall the turbines are.

I and my household are strongly for this project and can only see good things for our town from this project.  The tax breaks would be a good addition, but anything that helps with renewable energy is good for everyone.


  • Industrial wind turbines are not an option for this town and should not be considered.  Although this area is rural, it is too populated here! There needs to be a considerable amount of research done regarding property values, human health, environmental safety, etc.  Thank you for not supporting this project.


  • I think the Town or County should pull together and Buy the “Coal” plant, cut the lines and we should be worried about our neighbors and the surrounding communities need to be making OUR own power. We should be benefiting from any power sources in our town, county.


  • We cannot approve a project that will forever destroy the rural ambience of Niagara County.  The 600’ turbines will be visible for MILES.  APEX is not trustworthy or transparent.  We’ve attended meetings:

No facts given on height, location or exact number.  Who will be liable when the turbines are no longer useful?  APEX will be long gone by then.  Even the first “town hall” meeting APEX conducted by phone, scheduled for 60 minutes, only lasted 35 minutes!  So many problems for just 10 possible permanent jobs.  Please don’t fall into the trap “we have to pass it to know what’s in it!”  Let’s be educated residents and work with facts, not innuendo.


  • I believe the community should have been involved in the discussions prior to the town inviting Apex to contact landowners.


  • The proposed economic “benefits” are very small when divided among all the entities that are to receive a part of them.  Also, the biggest thing our area has to offer is the natural beauty of the landscape.  To do everything to the land that will be necessary to build and support a project like this will leave permanent, unacceptable scars to our quiet and beautiful landscape!!




  • An Aldi’s grocery store we need J.

All other countries e.g. Denmark and Ontario, Canada have already proven Industrial Wind Farms Are HORRIBLE MISTAKES L.  SAVE our valuable lands for agricultural crops .  Good land, water, etc. will save U.S. someday for other draught states are struggling.


  • Please put in “my backyard” J  “Not big enough, not close enough” J

We support jobs and clean energy.


  • XX We decline to answer these survey questions.  We do not generally oppose small scale wind power. We have many concerns with this survey and process.  The questions are misleading, slanted, or irrelevant – are they fed to you by APEX?  This company has an extremely poor track record of taking advantage of simple, honest, rural people.  A simple web search turns up many lawsuits against APEX. They use tactics like imbedding gags into contracts to suppress negative comments from going public.  Slanted questions regarding lower taxes/electric bills are worded to encourage unadvised and unconsidered support.  We believe it is an important part of the Town Board’s job to look out for the best interest of the residents, NOT the interests of predatory, fly-by-night, out of state businesses.


  • Will Coal-fired plant be phased out?  Was there opposition when the “telephone” poles for electricity were installed to bring power to everyone?  These poles have caused death and injury to many humans and animals.  But I don’t think many, if any, would, or could, go without power to our houses and businesses.  Would wind turbines be any more dangerous than electric lines or gas lines? Going green is the future.  I will be very interested in the results of environmental impact study, and that all concerns are addressed.


  • Build a modern nuclear plant.


  • #3 At least 3 miles back from lakefront

#4 No need for that height

#5 If not seen from lake property


  • Thank you


  • Don’t wreck our town!!!!


  • Must do something to take care of the earth – less pollution.


  • We moved here to sit on our deck and see all the birds and wildlife – and I did not buy my home for it to lose value!  NOT HERE!


  • We have a Power Plant  - use it!  We don’t need more junk that won’t be used and won’t really Help the People of Barker/Somerset.


  • #7 Support Solar ONLY!


  • DO IT!


  • The windmills are to be placed in wasteland, not in residential area.


  • The hidden cost of wind turbines is that they are not profitable without significant taxpayer subsidies, so any so-called “tax decrease” is negligible.  The same is true of “solar farms,” although this alternative is far less obtrusive in the environment.
  • I can see no reason to clutter up the Town of Somerset with these windmills when we have a perfectly good power plant sitting idle.  This is just another example of ill-conceived NYS politics.


  • We live in Somerset because of the beauty of the countryside along Lake Ontario.  This project would completely destroy that beauty.  We will not be voting for anyone currently in office if this project goes through…we feel that strongly about it L.


  • Solar farms would be great!  30 or 40 big wind turbines…that’s a lot, but if it makes a significant improvement in the town’s bottom line and doesn’t affect the quality of life…go for it.  Plus, could be a tourist attraction.


  • Other towns did away with town taxes all together.  Be nice to know numbers on how much power cost savings are.


  • Bring it.  Coal won’t last forever.


  • Our town is much too compact from a residential perspective for wind turbines to be allowed.  They belong on high ridges or prairies where they are far away from people and their homes.  Do all you can to keep them out of Somerset.


  • Bad use of taxpayers’ money.  We don’t need the power in this area and the power can’t be transmitted where it is needed.  “Wind turbines are not an economical way of producing power because of the mechanical and no-wind downtime.”  That statement was made on a PBS (Channel 17) documentary.  An article in the Buffalo Newspaper recently stated that some large power producers around the country are jumping on the wind turbine band-wagon solely to benefit from the lucrative incentives from local, state and federal governments.  





  • Would another pilot be enacted (as with AES)?


  • How tall and where are they located?


  • #7 Would need to be aware of specific research on the technology’s attributes prior to having an informed perspective.

I am so adamantly opposed to the APEX project and incredulous that other landowners are so uninformed about the environmental, human health and property value effects, that I am more than willing to be actively involved in educating residents (particularly landowners) and support in any manner that I can, a strong legal defense.


  • We have read, studied, listened, and attended town meetings and remain vehemently opposed to the development of a wind farm project!!!


  • How much did this fancy paper cost? Are non-voting property owners excused from paying taxes?

The Town of Somerset paid for and adopted a Master Plan and a local Waterfront Revitalization Area and the community approved both documents – READ THEM!!!  “Protect Important Environmental Resources from Adverse Effects” (pg 28) “sensitive resources – lakefront, creeks, wetlands, woodlands” (pg30) “non-sewered areas of the town, with the exception of the economic development corridor adjacent to the power plant, should remain agricultural, with some low density development” (pg38) “increase public awareness of the location and importance of area watersheds” (pg41) “Any area not specifically called out for some other designation is presumed to remain rural in character” (pg42) “The major stream corridor through the town should be protected” (pg44).


  • I strongly oppose any type of industrial development for our lakefront community.  The environment changes on all fronts are of great concern.


  • 1-The only benefit we see to these is to the property owners where the windmills are sited on.

2-If assessed value of our properties goes down because we can’t sell our homes.  Where are you going to get your tax money from.  We bought on the lake because of the peace and serenity.



  • My husband lives here also and agrees with the choices I have made on this survey.  I have lived in this house for 44 years and would like to stay here as long as I live and not be aggravated by any noises or anything else concerning turbines.






  • Taxes will never go down.  That’s a Lie!


  • #7 Explain!


  • Have to know true facts.  Our property value will go down if we have a big old turbine on or near our houses.


  • I strongly oppose any wind turbines being erected in my town.  I would be interested in solar farms or individual solar for my residence.


  • Change of mind after hearing a few discussions.


  • This address is our seasonal retirement home.  We oppose any visual obstructions anywhere near the lake.


  • Solar would be less intrusive on neighbors.  This survey is so subjective, terms without definitions – “far & away = ???”  Our Politicians should be on the town members’ side, actively fighting this.  The result will be reflected in local elections.


  • These and any windmills or other green energy projects are not needed!  This is just another redistribution of our hard  earned money.  While we pay some of the highest utility rates in the country.  We are sitting next to 2 of the cheapest and cleanest power producers in the country. But because of State and Fed. imposed taxes, fees and environmental regulations that have created these high electricity rates and have pushed Somerset right out of the market that is already saturated.  You’re going to end up closing that plant and building some very environmentally damaging windmills so a few can stuff more money in their pockets while we all pay dearly – another failed Gov. Hoax that too many people are buying into – shame on all of you – For the love of money!


  • The town needs to vigorously look for businesses to locate in Somerset.  Farms cannot support the town will all of their tax breaks.  Farming is not the answer as many in this town think.


  • Dear Dan & Town Board, Thank you for sending out the questionnaire for the public to express their opinion.  I am one who opposes the idea of windmills coming to our town.  I will add this comment to question #5 & 6: No amount of property tax decrease or electricity cost savings would offset the negative effects that the windmills would have in our community in the future.  Most likely the rules & proposals set at the start would change in time as they did for our coal plant.


  • Mr. Engert, As a resident of Somerset, I am a strong supporter of the APEX wind project.  Please understand that I do not own enough land for a lease, but am surrounded by fields that could potentially be leased.  If my neighbors choose to lease their land for this project, I feel that is their right.  If they choose not to for whatever reason, this is their right as well.

I strongly support larger setbacks for this size wind turbine.  I believe the setbacks for the smaller turbines that AES planned to put up eight years ago were nearly a 1:1 ratio from the property lines of non-leased property and 3:1 from houses with regards to their height.  This sounds appropriate no matter what size turbine we are discussing.  Perhaps establishing a ratio ordinance such as this will permanently set the standard for this or any future project.

With these setbacks, there are fewer places wind turbines this large can go in this town.  A field with houses on both sides may be completely blocked from constructing a turbine on it.

One suggestion I have (if it isn’t being done already) is to go out and talk to other townships across New York, as well as other states, and see how they set up the setbacks and pilots.  Knowing any mistakes they feel they made in this process can help Somerset and Yates from repeating these mistakes.  This is a big project and should not be taken lightly.

Recently at the Lions Club, we had the people from Save Ontario Shores as our speaker.  I left that meeting in disbelief at how much misinformation they presented.  If you look closely at the graphic they show of a house next to the wind turbine, the base of the turbine is wider than the house.  The tallest truck that can travel public roads without special permits is 13’6.”  The trucks for this project will most likely have oversize permits so they could go as high as 15 or 16 feet before needing to spend a lot of money having all the utility lines raised up to clear the special transports they use for this.  How many two story houses are around that are less than 16 feet wide?

They also said there is no economic benefit for the local area, only the investors.  This is only true if the landowners and town do not negotiate their ends properly.  The landowner can make a considerable amount off of the lease.  The unfortunate thing is there is a secrecy clause in these leases which prevent land owners from talking about it.  This fuels the rumor mill and the public mistrust of the wind company.

The town has the responsibility to negotiate the pilot for this project.  The amount needs to be reasonable, but don’t give up the store.  There are current townships that receive so much pilot money from the turbines that the town taxes have been reduced drastically to the residents.  The town of Sheldon also received enough to have a very well equipped fire company.  As part of the building permit process, the wind farm was charged per mile for use of the roads.  Once the project was done this was enough to repave these roads.

There are other examples of where the anti-wind farm people are misleading us.  This is just distracting people from the real issues of the pilot, setbacks and building permit process.  Mr. Riggi said at the Lions meeting that he does not want an industrial wind project like this anywhere near people.  This tells me that he does not want to negotiate on the setbacks or issues, just shut down the project.  This will be much to the disadvantage of the future of this town.  We need investments like this to keep our tax base up.

More recently I met Dan Fitzgerald and Taylor Quarrels from APEX.  I feel much more at ease with the project after talking with them.  APEX Energy does not have all the answers about just where the turbines will go or how high they will be because it is too early in the process to have that information.  Once they know how many people will sign leases, they can then choose their sites, look at the wind patterns at that specific site and know how tall that particular turbine will be.  There are many steps along the process where there are opportunities for public input and many more that need govern- ment approvals.  The proper checks and balances for a project like this are already in place.

Many people will bring up their personal household electricity cost and how the project will affect it.  I’ve heard this explained many times, but some just don’t get it.  The power is sold into the main grid and the cost is averaged to all the end users.  They take the cheaper power first, and some money is added to pay power stations to be on stand-by, ready to start up if there is a large demand or another plant has problems.

In closing, I am strongly in favor of this project but with a little caution.  It is up to the municipalities to be sure the pilot and setbacks and other ordinances are negotiated carefully.  It is up to the landowners to hire good attorneys to help them negotiate their leases and be sure their concerns are observed.  It is good for people to be concerned about this project, as it is a major undertaking and can end up being a major sight in the town, but is a shame when people are against it without getting all the facts or are running on a lot of misinformation. 


  • Residents should be informed why there is not more interest in the power plant we already have.  Converting it to natural gas perhaps?  Does NYS even need more electricity produced?


  • #7 Not enough information to make a decision

Our household is Strongly opposed to ANY wind (industrial) project that will upset the rural environment that we call ho0me!  There are NO benefits that we see to the community from this project.


  • #3 what is far and away?

There is nothing in here about home owners Insurance – can you get it or not if a wind farm is on your property?  Why would we have a project that lowers our property values?  Why are there none on the coal plant property?  How many solar panels can be put on the coal plant property?  Might be a better option.  Thank you